Bread & Goat's Butter    7
Croquetas    12
Montaditos    12
Boquerones, Manchego, Pickles    
Market Vegetables    11
Oyster Tacos    16
Celery Root, Espelette    
Gambas and Octopus    20
Mole, Romesco    
Charcoal Ocean    18
Market Fish Grilled Over Binchotan with Shiso Blossoms and Mushrooms
South Carolina Quail    21
Farro, Pickled Turnips, Forum Reduction    
Charcoal Wagyu    36
Miyazaki Grade A-5
Shio koji marinated
Cheese    14
Honey, Walnuts, Toasted Bread    
Seven Course Chef's Tasting Menu    85
(Tasting Menu Requires the Participation of Entire Party)    


Torrija    9
Chocolate Sorbet    7
Coffee Soil, Cocoa Nib, Freeze Dried Raspberries

Mochi Ice Cream    7

Coffee Service    5
  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate Vegan , Vegetarian or Pescatarian Menus, or remove all dairy from the dishes we offer.  We will do our best to accommodate any serious allergies, dietary restrictions or special requests.

C h e f   O s c a r   I s l a s   D I a z