Bread & Goat's Butter    5
Croquetas    12
Brussels Sprouts    11
Clothbound Cheddar, Funyuns, Cashews    
Burrata    14
Celery, Charred Bread    
Spiced Carrot    12
Plantain, Puffed Wild Rice    
Roasted Squash    12
Ricotta, Greens    
Gambas a la Plancha    20
Salsa Americaine, Chili Threads
Crisp Octopus    20
Cuttlefish Miso, Celery, Asian Pear    
Striped Bass    16
Puerrosalda, potatoes    
Skirt Steak    22
Hashbrown, Creamed Spinach    
Duck  21
Beet Puree and Pistachio
Foie Gras    21
Cauliflower Ice Cream, Marcona Almond, Nasturtium    
Cheese    18
Honey, Walnuts, Toasted Bread    
Seven Course Chef's Tasting Menu    85
(Tasting Menu Requires the Participation of Entire Party)    
Torrija    7
Cajeta and Sea Salt    
Chocolate Sorbet    7
Coffee Soil, Cocoa Nib, Freeze Dried Raspberries    
Coffee Service    5

C h e f   O s c a r   I s l a s   D I a z