K a p p o
j e w e l   b a k o


Starting Thursday, October 19th through the holidays, Degustation is excited to announce that we are hosting a pop-up: Kappo Jewel Bako with Chef Nobu Ogura

Kappo means to cut / to cook, utilizing traditional Japanese cooking methods.

The setting of Kappo is similar to a small sushi bar.

Kappo style means sitting at the Chef’s counter and watching him prepare a multi-course set menu / omakase which can involve both raw and cooked, grilled, steamed, braised, and deep fried dishes - some simple, others more complex.

Kappo falls somewhere between traditional Kaiseki cuisine and casual Izakaya style cuisine.



Foie Gras Shumai    16
Uni Croquetas    12
Sushi Canape    12
Assorted Tempura    16
Oyster Tacos    16
Celery Root, Shichimi    
Black Truffle Chawanmushi    20
Gambas and Octopus    20
Mole, Romesco, Okinawan Snow Salt    
Nova Scotia Halibut    22
Heirloom Tomatoes, Shiso Flower, Vinaigrette    
South Carolina Quail    21
Farro, Sunomono, Forum Reduction    
Angus Steak Tataki    24
Roasted Shishito, Red Bell Pepper Molasses    
Crispy Taro    
Soup    5
Rice    3
Pickles    8
Cheese    14
Honey, Persian Walnuts, Lychee, Toasted Bread    
Degustation Seven Course Chef's Tasting Menu    85
(Tasting Menu Requires the Participation of Entire Party)    
Torrija    9
Chocolate Sorbet    7
Coffee Soil, Cocoa Nib, Freeze Dried Raspberries    
Mochi Ice Cream    8
Coffee Service    5


Chef Oscar Islas Diaz



Kappo  Seven  Course  Omakase  Tasting  Menu   85

(Tasting Menu Requires the Participation of Entire Party)

Ocean, Mountain, Land



Charcoal Ocean


Charcoal Land

Rice, Soup, Pickles




Chef  Nobu  Ogura