K a p p o
j e w e l   b a k o


Starting Thursday, October 19th through the holidays, Degustation is excited to announce that we are hosting a pop-up: Kappo Jewel Bako with Chef Nobu Ogura

Kappo means to cut / to cook, utilizing traditional Japanese cooking methods.

The setting of Kappo is similar to a small sushi bar.

Kappo style means sitting at the Chef’s counter and watching him prepare a multi-course set menu / omakase which can involve both raw and cooked, grilled, steamed, braised, and deep fried dishes - some simple, others more complex.

Kappo falls somewhere between traditional Kaiseki cuisine and casual Izakaya style cuisine.



Sunomono    14
Uni, Crab, Shimeji Mushroom, Wakame Stem

Wagyu Tendon Tacos    18
Celery Root, Mustard

Gobo Soup    8
Grated Burdock, Miso, Ichimi

Tempura    18
Seasonal Assortment
with tempura dashi, hyogo sea salt and lemon

Charcoal Ocean    18
Market fish grilled over binchotan
with shiso blossoms and mushrooms

Charcoal Wagyu    36
Miyazaki Grade A-5
Shio koji marinated

Chef  Nobu  Ogura